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What watches does President Trump own?

Donald Trump owns an impressive collection of wrist watches. Some of them he got through auctions, others were gifts. What may surprise you is that Trump once launched his own line of watches, the Donald J. Trump Signature collection. It was sold at Macy’s, a famous store in New York, back in 2005. Trumps watch […]

Women spend more money on wristwatches

Armand Nicolet South Africa AL3 Ladies watch white strap

A wristwatch is considered to be a typical “men-thing”. Looking at sales figures, there is a 70/30 split between men’s and ladies watches. However, the average price spent on ladies watches is higher. At least, according tot Brian Duffy of Watches of Switzerland. In the past, many women would consider a watch to be a […]

007’s watch in new James Bond movie

Armand-Nicolet-South-Africa-Swiss-Watches-Italian-Design-James Bond-No Time To Die-Omega Seamaster 300

Fans all over the world are anxiously awaiting the release of “No Time To Die”, the 25th Bond movie featuring our favorite spy. It was originally planned on November 2019 but due to all kinds of complications the release got pushed forward to April 2 2020. As far as we know now, it’s Daniel Craig’s […]