6 nice to knows on watches

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There is a whole culture about watches. Manufacturers who are there already for ages, famous people showing off their favourite brands, the ingenuity how timepieces are built, the massive amounts paid for it at auctions. And of course, the remarkable facts. Wanna hear about it? Read these 6 nice to knows on watches.


Glove marketing in Formula 1

Armand Nicolet South Africa Lewis HamiltonAll Formula 1 drivers are massively sponsored, also when it comes to watches. Now the thing is, they all wear these special gloves so you can’t always see the watch. But marketing departments came up with a smart solution.

Just look at the gloves Lewis Hamilton is wearing.


Armand Nicolet South Africa G-obeliskOld Egyptian timepiece

Even the ancient Egyptians wanted to know what time it was. There is proof that they used a stone for that, well, an obelisk rather. After carving it they would look for a specific spot where it could catch the sun so one could read the changing shadows. And as we all know, the length and direction of the shadows is still quite a good time indicator.


Cheap watches are more accurate then luxury ones

A lot of luxury watches use mechanical movement rather than quartz which happens to be more precise. But for a true timepiece lover, it doesn’t matter. To them, the craftmanship needed to build complicated watches, the weight of it as well as the beauty are far more important.


Armand Nicolet South Africa Strela

Watches went places where very few people went before

On the moon, in space and at the bottom of the ocean. The first astronauts ever were Russian, they wore Strela-watches. The Americans relied on the Omega Speedmaster. A lot of watches are water resistant let’s say up to 300 meters. But how about 11.000 meters under water? The Rolex Deep Sea Special was there and never lost the plot.


Armand Nicolet South Africa G-ShockRemember the Casio G-Shocks?

Reliable watches, known as nearly indestructible. But do you know how Casio tested them? Not in a fancy lab … they just threw them out of a window of a 4-story building.

And … it passed the test with flying colors.


Best time to sell a watch

Images of watches in webshops or ads almost always show a time of 10.10. Just check it out. Why? It looks a bit like a happy smiley! Check out the G-Shock image above!

We hope you enjoyed reading these 6 nice to kows. Have any questions for us? Please contact us and we will gladly help you out!


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