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Experts on Original Historical Movements

Armand Nicolet South Africa O.H.M. mens watch L16

There is a strict process when it comes to manufacturing exclusive, hand made watches. Especially when the watch contains an original historical movement (O.H.M.) Armand Nicolet offers a special collection of fine O.H.M. watches. They are experts on original historical Movements. As with all true vintage-pieces, these timepieces are rare since the number of O.H.M.-s […]

Extraordinary watches

Hand-Painted Poetic Wish Watch-Extraordinay watches-Armand Nicolet South Africa-Wilma Vervoort-Tekstschrijver-Content Schrijven

Extraordinary watches …. It is true, some watches ARE out of the ordinary. They just have that unique appearance because their designer had that brilliant idea. Some of them are cheap, others very expensive. Some are beautiful, some not. But they have one thing in common: they are one of kind. The upcoming weeks we […]

Armand Nicolet vintage watches

Armand Nicolet South Africa Vintage

Something really special.This authentic Armand Nicolet watch features only original vintage movements that we have restored en retuned. Since there is only a limited amount of vintage movements available the watch is produced in limited series. The year of production of the movement and the number of series is engraved on the plate, clearly seen […]

How To Make Money With A Watch

armand nicolet south africa-rolex stainless steel

The other day I read an article about alternative investments. Two of the suggestions were quite remarkable: handbags and watches. Obviously, we’re talking top notch here. I really liked the idea: buy a nice handbag or watch, wear it and then after some time sell it at a higher price. More fun than buying shares […]

Armand Nicolet South Africa