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Armand Nicolet South Africa O.H.M. mens watch L16

There is a strict process when it comes to manufacturing exclusive, hand made watches. Especially when the watch contains an original historical movement (O.H.M.) Armand Nicolet offers a special collection of fine O.H.M. watches. They are experts on original historical Movements. As with all true vintage-pieces, these timepieces are rare since the number of O.H.M.-s available is limited. And that is exactly why these watches are so precious.

The 4 stages of watch making

  • T zero (T0): pre-assembly of bridges, main plates, and small components
  • T one (T1): assembly of the movement and final adjustments
  • T two (T2): casing up of the movement with dial, hands and in case
  • T three (T3): adding the bracelet and buckle, presentation box and certificates

At Armand Nicolet, stage T1 consists of no less than 10 steps.

Armand Nicolet : T1-experts

Connoisseurs acknowledge Armand Nicolet to be an expert in this area. Between 1930 and 1970 they owned one of the most specialized ateliers. Back then, they particularly focused on the complicated mechanical movements produced at that time. For instance the Venus Chronographs (including the Rattrapante or Split Second), the Complete Calendar but also many other calibers.

They sold these movements to the most prestigious Swiss brands. But unfortunately, a crisis arose at the end of the seventies when the quartz movements entered the market. Unlike other factories which closed or changed their tune, Armand Nicolet stuck to their guns. They succeeded to preserve their extraordinary knowledge keeping the atelier open throughout those difficult years. Ever since, they are maintaining and expanding their knowledge on these old movements which are featured in their O.H.M. collection. This collection consists only of limited editions. These watches are not just a beautiful and unique piece of art but also an Original Piece of History. Therefore, Armand Nicolet owns a unique position in the market of which they are very proud.


When you buy an Armand Nicolet watch you will get an individual International Warranty Certificate as well as a Certificate of Authenticity. If you want to find out more about our O.H.M. please click here. To check out the O.H.M.-selction in our South African shop, click here.

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