Origin and history of Armand Nicolet

Master Watchmaker Armand Nicolet

The story of Armand Nicolet begins around 1875 in Tramelan, Switzerland.

Armand Nicolet, son of a watchmaker, created his own “Atelier d’Horlogerie” in Tramelan.

In 1902 he created this Perpetual calendar minute repeater, chronograph mono-pusher.



Armand Nicolet dies and his son Willy assumes the reins of the family enterprise




Willy is now old and has no offspring to pass onto the family business. In 1987 he met by chance Rolando Braga, an Italian entrepreneur who had been active in the field of horology for 20 Years.

“My goal is to let the world discover the buried treasure and show them what we are capable of doing”


After a few years of well organizing the Group in 2000 the “Armand Nicolet” brand was introduced on the market at the Basel Fair and Immediately gained a worldwide success.


Armand Nicolet watches are divided in 2 main collections:

O.H.M Series

Contemporary Collections

O.H.M Series:

Lines featuring only Original Historical Movements

Contemporary Collections:

Lines featuring Modern Movements


O.H.M Original Historical Movement

The year of production of the movement and the number of series is engraved on the plate, clearly seen through the opening on the dial. The uniqueness, the beauty, the exceptional technical value along with the historical charm are the reasons of the extraordinary success of the Armand Nicolet’s O.H.M Series.


O.H.M Original Historical Movement

Armand Nicolet: a hidden treasure brought back to life in the Original Historical Movements (O.H.M) Series. These lines feature only original vintage movements that we have restored and tuned.


O.H.M Original Historical Movement

This collection is produced in Limited Series as the quantity is determined by the limited amount of vintage movements still available.


Upgrading Process


Contemporary Collections

These lines represent a complete range of Men’s and Womens’ mechanical watches

Present Production Design

Armand Nicolet watches have the DNA of the prestigious most refined Swiss watchmaking but are reinterpreted by our Italian designer. It is the perfect link between the elegance of the Swiss watch-making tradition and the original and sporty Italian attitude. The outcome is a collection where versatility, comfort and style are taken to the limit.

Very eye-catching and modern, this collection features also a great variety of straps that makes it not only fit for any occasion but also for any wallet. These watches are extremely comfortable and versatile due to their shape which was designed to be timeless, yet with a metropolitan look.

Level of finishing

In comparison to other brands, Armand Nicolet’s care for details and finishing is clearly visible in the Contemporary Collection.

However, in the O.H.M Series this is pushed to the extreme.

Quality of the Materials and Components

Armand Nicolet uses only the best materials, such as stainless steel 316L, 18kt gold, diamonds with a perfect brilliant cut and Top Wesselton colour -vs-si quality and top quality skin leather for comfortable straps.


Consumer perception

Armand Nicolet is perceived by consumers as a historical brand of which they appreciate the technical ability, creativity and vitality. They are collectors and connoisseurs of watches who think of Armand Nicolet as a prestigious brand, focusing on continuous development. Our buyers tend to compare our watches with brands more expensive than Armand Nicolet.


Investment value in time of a mechanical watch

A mechanical watch of quality is destined to last for decades, maybe centuries.
Today it is common to see perfectly working old mechanical watches that once belonged to fathers or grandfathers being worn with pride and pleasure.
There is an important market of used mechanical wrist watches characterized by high prices growing continuously. The items are often subject to be battled for at auctions.

Packaging of your Armand Nicolet watch

Armand Nicolet South Africa Packaging