How do you wear your watch?

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You would think there is only 2 answers to this question: left or right. Well, or maybe the third option: I don’t wear one at all. But let’s now assume you do wear a watch. Next question: do you wear it on inside or outside of your wrist? Yep, probably haven’t thought about that one since not too many people do that anymore. In the sixties and seventies, it was quite fashionable though. And now, in 2020, there is a slight revival.

What are pros and cons of wearing your watch like that?

To protect it. When you must perform a job during which it could be damaged you could obviously decide not to wear it at all. But maybe you do need to keep track of time. In that case, wearing it on the inside is a smart idea. But if you write or type a lot, wear it on the outside to prevent it from scratching. Obviously, this is even more true for older, “vintage” watches. The modern ones are likely to have crystal scratch proof faces and will be more waterproof.

You don’t want to show off. This may sound strange when you just spent a small fortune and are very proud of your watch. But maybe, for safety reasons or because you just don’t want other people to know how much money you spent on your watch it might be a good idea to take a low profile.

Specific professionals will almost always wear their watch on the inside. Just for practical reasons. Think soldiers and nurses. Soldiers can betray their position to the enemy if the sun catches the dial or the metal strap. That’s why they normally also will wear non-reflecting straps. For nurses it’s easier to check their watch while checking someone’s pulse.

During a (boring) meeting or conversation it is still considered a bit inappropriate to glance at your watch. Wearing it on the inside makes it less obvious when you want to do that anyway. Especially when cell phones on the table are a no-no.

So, how do you wear your watch?


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