Shipping and Returns Policy

  1. Shipping costs are included in the prices mentioned on our website They apply to shipments within South African geographical borders.
  2. will deliver the Goods to you via authorized courier.
  3. When we have accepted your order, will deliver the goods to you as soon as reasonably possible, but no later than 10 (ten) working days on receipt of your payment. Goods will be dispatched within 10 (ten) working days. We will notify you in case we are unable to deliver the Goods within the Delivery Period and reimburse you.
  4. The obligation of to deliver a product to you is fulfilled when we deliver the product to the physical address nominated by you for delivery of the order. is not responsible for any loss or unauthorized use of a product, after it has delivered the product to the physical address nominated by you.


  1. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the product they are buying is what they want. You can contact via the contact page should you be unsure of what a product is or what it contains.
  2. You can only return the goods within the period of 30-day returns guarantee; this period will commence after you signed for receipt of the goods.
  3. will only accept returns when the product is in perfect order
  4. We will not refund a product that has been sold onto a third party without the written consent of
  5. The cost of shipping is at the customer’s charge
  6. Within the period of 30-day returns guarantee you can send an e-mail to informing us you want to return or replace your watch and we’ll provide complete instructions on the documents that need to be provided. We request that you use a courier (providing a tracking number) instead of mail service
  7. Within 7 (seven) days of receiving above mentioned instructions you may decide whether you still want to cancel your order and return the goods or whether you want to replace them.
  8. Once we have received the package please allow us 10-15 days to refund the costs (only the cost of the watch will be returned, not the duties paid to receive it if any) or replace the goods.


The watch must be returned in brand new condition for the refund to be approved.