What watches does President Trump own?

Donald Trump owns an impressive collection of wrist watches. Some of them he got through auctions, others were gifts.

Armand Nicolet South Africa Donald Trump watches-1What may surprise you is that Trump once launched his own line of watches, the Donald J. Trump Signature collection. It was sold at Macy’s, a famous store in New York, back in 2005. Trumps watch career was short and (maybe not so) sweet: Macy’s stopped selling the watches already in 2006 upon which the production of the watches was stopped.

Many collectors stated the designs of the watches showed quite a bit of a resemblance to watches like Rolex and Tag Heuer, yet less sophisticated on the inside. Strangely, there are no pictures of Trump wearing these watches.

So, what does Trump wear?

Since Trump likes to wear shirts with long sleeves and cuffs, it is sometimes quite difficult to figure out which watch is underneath it.

Armand Nicolet South Africa Donald Trump watches Vacheron Constantin smallVacheron Constantin

Full name: Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine 1968. The watch is made from pink gold watch; the case is very thin and square shaped. Trump wore it on election night 2016. Value of this watch? About USD 25.000.


Armand Nicolet South Africa Donald Trump Colibri Rolex day date smallRolex Day-Date

Rolex calls this A Watch Of Prestige: “The watch you see on Presidents everywhere”.  The 18K gold bracelet, introduced in 1956, is in fact called “The President”. It features three domed-piece links and it’s fitted with a crowncclasp. Value of this watch? About USD 25.000 up to USD 30.000.


Armand Nicolet South Africa Donald Trump Patek Philippe smallPatek Philippe Ellipse

Vintage model with ellipse-shaped case, golden bracelet and blue dial.  Its design is influenced by the “golden ratio” principle, a mathematical way of thinking also known as the Fibonacci spiral (or “golden spiral”). Prices vary from USD 26.000 up to USD 44.000.


Armand Nicolet South Africa Donald Trump Colibri Ronald ReaganColibri

This 80’s watch was worn by President Ronald Reagan; Trump got it at an auction for about USD 7.000. It is said to be a “passion purchase”; bought because of the previous owner rather than the watch as such. The real value? Very low. Seen on eBay starting from USD 17.00.


Armand Nicolet South Africa Donald Trump watches Azad smallAzad Power Tourbillon

A limited edition of the Azad Power Tourbillon in stainless steel with a case measuring approximately 39.5mm by 37mm. Trump got it from Azad in 2009 as a gift for his work on the reality show The Apprentice. The value of the watch is about USD 9.950.


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