Which watch to wear on a date?

armand-nicolet south africa Which watch to wear on a date

So, you’re going out on a date. A special date so you really want to make it work. And as we all know you only get one chance to make a first impression. Therefore, you must pay attention to all details. Your clothes, the way you smell and maybe even your watch. So there’s the question: Which watch to wear on a date?

Whichever model you prefer, the watch must look tidy. Not a worn out leather or plastic strap or a case that has peculiar smudges on it. The next question is what do you want to exude?

You want to look Trustworthy

Wear a neutral but solid watch. It has no bling bling, the case has a normal size and there are not too many pushers. Go for a stainless-steel band or a smooth, dark colored leather strap. The dial is also neutral when it comes to colors and has simple numbers on it. Not too many sub dials please.

You want to look Elegant

A simple, even understated model is what you need. You can go “wild” by either choosing a somewhat exotic leather strap. Think (faux)alligator or ostrich. Avoid bright colors, you want to stick to the classic look and feel. The dial is plain white or champagne. Roman numbers would be perfect.

You have an eye for details

It’s all about the dial here. It shows far more than just the hands and the numbers. Think complications like moon phase or calendar. Or maybe it shows a part of the movement. Make sure the band or strap are solid but straightforward. You want to keep the focus on the dial.

You love sports

This watch is robust and quite big and comes with a stainless-steel band or synthetic strap. The case has so called pushers on the side because of its specific functions. Think chronograph, depth meter, alarm etcetera. Analog, digital or even a combination of both are fine. To make an extra statement, the strap has a bright color.

You are tech-savvy

This is where the smart watch comes in. It’s in fact a portable device designed to be worn on a wrist. Of course, it tells you what time it is, but there are numerous other features regular watches could never offer you. The look and feel can differ. It can look (more or less) like a regular watch or like a small version of your cell phone.

You love vintage

Remember, it takes one to know one! That Cartier Tank you’re wearing, it took you forever to find it, along with the original box and paperwork. Does your date appreciate it and admire you for your persistence? We don’t know, but if he or she does, you know it’s promising!

Or do you just want to show off?

In that case, go all the way. But remember you DO make quite of a statement. Wear that golden watch or the one with all these diamonds. Wear a watch that doesn’t look even look like a watch.

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